Rolling Back Electric Vehicle Subsidies And Reducing TEP’s Rate Hike Are Big Wins For The People Of Tucson

AZ Free Enterprise Club
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By the Arizona Free Enterprise Club |

For years, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has been the stomping ground for the left to push its Green New Deal Agenda. In fact, it was just over two years ago when the commission quietly released its plan to impose California-style energy mandates in our state. Their goal was to ban fossil fuels and require most electricity companies to provide “clean” energy by 2050. Thankfully, the commission voted down these energy mandates in January 2022. But that hasn’t stopped the left from trying to find other ways to exploit the ACC.

One of their latest efforts has centered on Tucson, and as part of its Green New Deal agenda, Tucson Electric Power (TEP) asked the ACC for rate hikes to subsidize electric vehicles. But TEP didn’t get everything it wanted…


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2023-08-21 07:10:00 , AZ FREE NEWS

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