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Alexa comes in many forms, but an Echo smart speaker is the most common. Amazon offers many sizes with varying standout features, but the most recently released Echo is now seeing a massive price cut.

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The compact and colorful Echo Pop carries a price tag of $40, but right now, you can get it from Amazon for just $25. Prime members will score free, fast shipping, and you get your pick between the Taylor Swift-approved “lavender bloom” as well as “midnight teal,” “charcoal,” or “glacier white.”

At full price, $40, there isn’t a more affordable way to add a smart speaker to your room for playing music or controlling smart home gadgets, and at just $25, you’re getting even more value.

Echo Pop, $25 (was $40) at Amazon


Unlike a Sonos Era 100, a vertical rectangle, or a spherical 4th Gen Echo, the Echo Pop is a small semi-circle under 4 inches tall. Given its compact nature, it can easily fit on a crowded desk, a kitchen counter, a nightstand, or a bathroom counter. You can opt for “charcoal” or “glacier white” for an Echo Pop that just blends in, or have it be noticeable—and maybe a talking point—in “lavender bloom” or “midnight teal.”

Like any smart speaker should, up-top, the Echo Pop has a button to mute the microphone and volume controls. The glowing indicator light lives at the top of the Echo Pop—it will glow blue when Alexa is listening, green when you have notifications, and red when the microphone is muted.

The entire front of the Echo Pop is all speaker, and while it can’t fill a large room, it does provide an excellent soundstage with a surprising amount of clarity for its size. You can make out the elements of a packed track, and for the price, it’s a great way to add some backing vocals to your shower concerts or to fill a bedroom. Powering the audio on the Pop is a 1.95-inch speaker that fires directly out the front.

Using Alexa, you can play DJ and ask for any track you’d like from a bevy of services, including Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, and Apple Music. Of course, thanks to far-field microphones built in, you can ask Alexa for many things like the weather, the news of the day, to play a game, or even to tell a joke. If you have other smart home devices, maybe a light or a connected thermostat, you can also use Alexa to control those.

The Echo Pop can also be a Wi-Fi extender for an Eero mesh system. If you already have a single Eero router or a few nodes, consider placing the Echo Pop in an area where your Wi-Fi might be a little lackluster. It can help to cover a dead zone or provide more bandwidth.

For just $25, you get a ton of value from the Echo Pop during this back-to-school-themed sale. Whether this is your first Alexa-enabled device or you’re expanding your system, it’s an excellent choice, given its small price tag and size. Like any other Echo speaker, the Pop is poised to improve with free software updates over time.

Score the Echo Pop in one of four shades for just $25 at Amazon here.

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Jacob Krol

2023-08-22 16:30:00 , stories

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