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Don Senneville and Jim White

Where do you get the “Last Honest Hamburger?” At Big Earl’s Greasy Eats of course, assuming you agree with the claim that Earl’s is “not fast food, but real food, as fast as we can”.

They even have Adult Milkshakes, but not to go. Don and Jim are here for coffee and burritos, which are exceptional and served by a seven year old barista and her mom: the Dallas family, child labor with a smile! We have lived in Cave Creek long enough to remember Big Earl’s as a Standard Oil gas station, 1952-1988, and later the film location for the movie Jolene, 2008, starring Jessica Chastain.

There is a deep history here, and it is fascinating to read the walls. 1930’s art deco.
We enter the outdoor area, just a few feet from the road, macho misters create rain clouds, local funky vibe with good wifi, 30’s gas pump, Ellen’s old Tree House, the “newer” Finer Arts Gallery, superb breakfast burrito, an entire liter bottle of ½ n ½ on the table for Don’s Americano, the cappuccino was perfecto – all created and served by mom and daughter.

Don says the front railing with stools is the best place to sit for the Cave Creek Rodeo. (We know he secretly always wanted to be a rodeo announcer, and the Cave Creek Rodeo announcer sets up right next to Big Earl’s.) We were looking around for Big Earl himself and Tyler V.

This place is fun, relaxing, and has quite a menu. It has everything. We saw a poster advertising the “Trash Bash #13, White Trash Costume Contest” on July 22. We are from the South and are confused as to the white trash reference. Is it being used as a “celebration of fashion” or is it making fun of white trash? Do real white trash attend? If so, what are the qualifications? Please advise. Formally, J-Dub and Bubba-D. Was Big Earl one? Someone let us know how this goes?

Meanwhile, Don’s been in Santa Fe and I was in Flagstaff.

Dutch Bros in Flag was just right, considering you cannot park in Flagstaff – anywhere. However, it was 65 degrees; cloudy coffee weather. Don reports that he only went to one coffee place in Santa Fe, the IKonic, which is housed in the back of an old church that’s been turned into artist studios and artist offices.
We didn’t know artists had offices, but apparently some do.

Maybe just in Santa Fe. Don ordered drip coffee, in a real cup, the coffee a highly invigorating (translate, speedy) Brazilian grind. Altitude?

There must be a number of other coffee places, with to-go cups and ½ and ½ nearby, but instead Don got caught up wandering through a parking lot full of art by members of the santa fe artists society (no caps).

At least there was parking. The event reminded him of our local artists in the SONORAN ARTS LEAGUE in Carefree/Cave Creek.

We are back home now and headed to the Black Lion Cafe, thanks for the tip, Nicolette. Please send us any unique travel-coffee experiences and stay cool and caffeinated.

Don/Jim, The CUP at [email protected]

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