Apache Junction officer thanks young girl who found his dog with new bike

Kyle Norris
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APACHE JUNCTION, AZ — An Apache Junction police officer is thanking a young girl for finding his lost dog with a special gift.

Sgt. Pennington was recently out of town and while he was away, his beloved dog Bella wandered off.

A compassionate girl named Enzley rescued Bella, who had burnt paws when found.

Pennington wanted to make sure Enzley knew how grateful he was.

So when Enzley paid a visit to the police department, Pennington surprised her with a new bike.

The department says Enzley’s excitement was “contagious.”

She made sure every officer could feel her excitement when she thanked Apache Junction officers for their hard work over the police radio.

Kyle Norris www.abc15.com

2023-07-28 21:00:27 , Apache Junction News

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